1. Judi Shooter

    I have told my husband about your house and he now calls it “our house” because he knows it is THE perfect house and my dream house – so I live out my fantasy home through your eyes and writings. I am in awe over how beautiful it is with all that wonderful snow. The floors are fabulous!

  2. Pat Smith

    We continue to enjoy your blog, photos and great touches of history as you go along. Many thanks for doing this.

  3. Bob Albert

    OMG, I knew it would be gorgeous with snow. How much of the land towards Locust were you able to get? They were talking about subdividing the lot pretty close to the house.

    • There is still a bit under an acre still for sale in the front, at the street. We are trying to also purchase this so nothing gets built there, and it can stay an open field, as it has been all these years. Definitely not easy, given the finances we have devoted to renovations of the house. “Que sera sera” is how the old saying goes, right? ?

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