There’s No Place Like Home

Is it seriously mid-July? How did this happen? Time flies when you are renovating an entire house, apparently. July has been very busy, between the holiday and hosting our first event in the house – our daughter’s 4th birthday party! She chose a Wizard Of Oz theme, which made my heart smile. Plus, I love theme parties and this one would be too easy! 

Since we still have so much construction going on, we kept it small with mostly just family coming to celebrate. That did not mean, however, I was downplaying my excitement in decorating…

The party was in our future living room. We have wrapped portions of the painted beams and trim in the room with wood repurposed from The Back Of The House project. It was perfect timing for a party, because there is still no furniture in there – we will be painting the walls and resurfacing the floor this week and next. 

Speaking of painting, I have been trying to nail down paint colors for every room in the house. It has been fun, but it has been so tough to decide! It’s hard to really visualize how all of these spaces are going to turn out. Nick somewhat impulsively decided to paint the library/office the other day, and called me from Home Depot for me to pick a color on the spot. We hadn’t really planned on touching that room for a while. We are planning to someday build bookcases to make it a proper library; however, with all of the other projects going on, this obviously has not been a priority. As we continue to discover boxes and boxes of books and other things best served in a “study” space, he decided to just paint for now so that we can at least use it as an office. And, of course, a place to put our massive collection of books.  I made a snap decision to go with a Behr color called “wheat bread”, and I love how it came out!

Another major project continues: The Kitchen. The floors were put in and the cabinets have begun to be installed…

We went back and forth on whether we could use an enormous antique sink we have (I think I mentioned this last time). Well, we were finally set on how its 5-foot-length would fit into the small kitchen…when we realized it would be too tall. The back of it would be covering the window, and if we brought it down, it would be comically low. So, we will instead be using a regular “farmhouse” sink.

I am hoping to use the giant sink in the laundry room… Speaking of which, “wood” tiles have started to be put down in there. I am so leery of faux wood tiles – sometimes they look amazing but other times they are a little too heavy on the “faux.” Anyway, Nick is doing an awesome job so far!…

Another room coming together is the den, which is in the back corner of the house. The floors are in (covered, at the moment), and painting has begun…

Ok so that’s it for now! Until next time, I’ll just be over here thinking of other occasions where I might be able to wear this giant pink tulle skirt… 🙂


  1. Judi

    Your wheat bread paint looks very close to my Navajo in my bedroom. Warm but not overbearing. Very nice. My den is a deep red called Rapture. Just loved the name so had to go with it! I love your kitchen cabinets! What a HUGE difference from when you first walked in there. Next time I get my sister to visit we may have to sneak over and peak in the windows! So much going on all over the house. You must be getting anxious to get one room completed and set up. Well done all around! Oh my!….. I loved the birthday theme. Such a beautiful Dorothy and Glynda and Evil Witch of the West. Where was Toto?

  2. Pat Smith

    So amazed at the progress you have made. Loved all the photos especially the wonderful birthday ones!!!

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