Fall 2019

Well hello! It’s been a while. I’m sorry for the radio silence for so long. As you all (generous term, I really have no idea if anyone will read this) know, life can get a bit hectic! Shockingly, renovating an entire house can be particularly time consuming. It’s made particularly stressful when there are small children, full time jobs, and general life demands in the mix. I simply didn’t have the energy to put into making this site what I wanted it to be.

I recently decided, however, to tiptoe out of blog retirement due to several factors. The initial nudge came from an unexpected source: our 9 month old who only likes to nap in the car. I decided to jumpstart the Instagram page one day since it gives me something to work on while I’m sitting parked in the driver seat with a snoozing baby in the back.

You can thank this guy for the blog revival

Another factor is that people still ask about the house and the blog, even though my last post was a few years ago. Not just friends or people from around town, but (to my surprise and glee) all over the world. We have continued to receive emails from places as far as Australia. I recently heard from a descendant of John Porter living in Utah, and another in California.

Recent email all the way from Utah!

Lastly, there are still SO MANY PROJECTS to be done. I need some inspiration and advice. My hope is that sharing this house with the world will continue to connect me with other old house lovers and keep me accountable to projects. It is so fun and motivating to come across other people who are giving TLC to old houses. I love the ease of Instagram (shameless plug to go follow @porterbradstreet), so I will be trying to post more real-time pictures and videos there. I’ll be honest though, for a generally private person, I am still a bit intimidated by this!

Follow along at “porterbradstreet” on Instagram

Anyway! Thanks for your patience. I can’t promise I will update here frequently but I will at least try to pop in when interesting things are happening. Again, follow me at “porterbradstreet” on Instagram, where you can see more pictures and more real-time scenes from our life here in our little corner of the world. 🙂

Circa 1880
Dawn on the porch


  1. Pat Smith

    Jessica, how wonderful to find your post today. I look forward for future ones when you have the time. Levi is adorable and your daughters are precious.

  2. Judith Shooter

    So excited to see your reviving your blog. I still love seeing pictures of your beautiful home. And that beautiful baby!!!!! How very nice to see you have touched the hearts of many from around the world – and especially the Porter relative in Utah. One never knows how actions will affect others when the journey starts. For consideration: pick a spot for a picture and take the same shot through all the seasons. I did that for a neighbor of their beautiful maple and put it in a four-slotted frame for them. Would love to see that here!

  3. Kylie Bodiya

    Take care of yourself, momma! We’re following you – you already know we love your beautiful home! Cheers, and we will continue to follow along with you! Cheers! -The Bees (Bee’s Knees Interior Design)

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