• porterbradstreet

      Thank you Pat! I’m still a bit slow with posting but can’t wait to write more and show more pictures soon. Thanks for following along!

  1. Pat Smith

    Your journey will be exciting and wonderful for all of us to follow, don’t worry about answering my posts you have a lot on your hands and will for some time yo come.

  2. Bob Albert

    I was told that when the concrete was added to the outside of the foundation, it wicked moisture from snow on the sill beams, causing the rotting and sagging wall. Have you put in a moisture barrier? Did you have to rebuild the timber frame on that wall or was there another way to fix it?

    • We had to rebuild everything in the back, except for the outer bathroom area/Beverly jog, and the kitchen. The whole wall was really damaged where the two tiny rooms were, and in order for it to be structurally sound, we basically had to start fresh

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