Well hello! It’s been a while. I’m sorry for the radio silence for so long. As you all (generous term, I really have no idea if anyone will read this) know, life can get a bit hectic! Shockingly, renovating an entire house can be particularly time consuming. It’s made particularly stressful when there are small … [Read more…]

We’re hooooommmmeeeee!!!

 Hi everyone! I’ve been thinking of you and finally got you a blog post just in time for Christmas ? Holy moly, what a couple of busy months! We moved in at the end of September. As usual: I’m sorry for not writing sooner… …couldn’t get pictures to upload…I am a terrible blogger, etc, etc, … [Read more…]

Life Outside The Box

8 months! It has been 8 months since we finally closed on this beautiful place and began calling it “our farmhouse”…The Farm, for short (I never said we were creative)…Before that, there was another 3-4 months of transient living – floating between my parents’ house, Nick’s parents’ house, and even an antique apartment in our … [Read more…]

There’s No Place Like Home

Is it seriously mid-July? How did this happen? Time flies when you are renovating an entire house, apparently. July has been very busy, between the holiday and hosting our first event in the house – our daughter’s 4th birthday party! She chose a Wizard Of Oz theme, which made my heart smile. Plus, I love … [Read more…]


Agh! So much happening! The head spins. Since the last post, the electric and plumbing has been mostly wrapped up and inspected. The amazing guys at Closed Cell Structures (yes, shameless plug, my husband’s company…  https://www.facebook.com/Closed-Cell-Structures-158240120898340/?fref=ts) have spray-foam-insulated the entire new portion of the house, as well as any exterior walls that we had to … [Read more…]

Busy Bees

Hey guys! So we welcomed 11,000 new buzzing besties to the yard this past weekend. What an adventure that was! I’ve been taking a beekeeping class and I am excited to finally be (mostly) over my lifelong fear of bees. Once these ladies have built up their hive, we can all look forward to lots … [Read more…]

The stage was set, now the action…

I’ve started this post a hundred times and  had to keep coming back to it. So much happening! If these pictures seem drastic, it’s because they are! Remember, we had to remove the back of the house completely due to water damage, mold, and impaired structural integrity.          Because the house had sunk so … [Read more…]