1. Judi

    First of all, oh my! That is for you, your car, the deer. Oh my oh my! I hope you are okay. I would have been there in a heartbeat if you needed help. Second, oh my for the back of the house! Destruction is so much fun but then all that pick up….. but then once the repairs start and the house starts to heal, it will be amazing! Just think, all those trees will be budding and blooming soon in the front of the house to make up for all that action in the back. Happy Easter!

    • Thanks Judi! Yes it was pretty scary. Car’s still in the shop! And the demo has been exciting and scary, but I keep telling myself it had to be done and it will be worth it ??

  2. Janis Clifford

    Jessica,, this is the most amazing project.. You were spot on with the Death of a Salesman setting. I’m in FL, but when I return and start riding my bike again,, can I drop by?

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